Market Research: Who Is Your Target Audience?

We offer custom research solutions that address your organization’s specific targets. 

  • Product research for new and emerging technology. 
  • Niche market reports both in the United States and abroad. 
  • Scope & Market evaluation for potential opportunities. 

Create specific documentation that addresses the unique needs of who is reading your materials. 

  • Technical manuals for non-R&D personnel.
  • Business development strategies for SBIR & STTR presentation. 
  • Detailed reporting of trials for federal and other regulatory bodies. 






Presenting products & Services to Government Officials, Grant Decision makers & Contracting Officers.

Business to Business

Determine local, regional and niche specific business opportunities & potential relationships with content to match.

Research regulation

Code and policy compliant study design, reporting and regulatory document preparation. 

Market Segmentation

Help define customer profiles, demographics and identify historical trends to promote current market research planning.

Clinical trial protocol development

Preparing Manuscripts

Literature Reviews 

Customized Trial Proposals 

IRB & Standards of Operations

Intellectual Property 

Understand your rights 

Educating parties on policy directives 

Disclosing proprietary information in the most effective and safe ways.

Contract & Grant Proposals

Maintain rights and reach appropriate authorities to cross funding gaps. 

Data Presentation & Visualizations

Creating visual data such as graphs, statistical presentation, and other custom materials is critical to explaining design concepts and getting technology market ready. 

  • Address research community needs for data presentation in publication. 
  • Web based animations & slides that combine multiple data visuals. 
  • Define critical market players such as partner businesses, research laboratories sand academic institutions with visual materials.


Research Testing, Evaluation & Graphical Representation.

RFP & Grant related Proof of concept.


Commercialization Documentation

SBIR STTR Project Scope & Reporting Technical Specification 

Publication design

DFARs applicable content & data presentation of ongoing and recently completed studies. 

graphs & animations

Qualitative Analysis 

Business Opportunity Presentation for Phase 3 SBIR STTR.

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